Soccer Season

Love, love, love our time on the feilds, watching the kiddos play.  This Saturday, we got to pack up tailgating chairs, a few gallons of water, sunscreen and team snacks to go see Ella's first game of the season.   

Henry wanted to make sure his own trunk was packed properly before we left home.   

2013.09 Home-100.jpg
2013.09 Home-101.jpg
2013.09 Home-102.jpg
2013.09 Home-103.jpg
2013.09 Home-104.jpg

The sunrise yesterday morning was so incredible, I dragged the kids outside to see it with me.  This photo is completely unedited. 

2013.09 Home-108.jpg

And I'll use any excuse to buy fresh flowers for the kitchen.  This time it was for a cookout with friends...never mind we spent 95% of our time outside.   

2013.09 Home-107.jpg