Lots of catching up to do

Hello, September, when did you get here?

It seems like yesterday, school was just starting and this week we're already on Fall Break.  (No, it's not Fall yet.  Guess they didn't want to call it "Summer Break, Part II.")  So Ella is at camp this week, and Michael is somewhere on a playground, stuffing mulch into his shorts, while the panic is starting to creep in that I only have nine more weeks to get ready for our littlest bundle of joy to arrive.

The days have definitely been packed lately.  The kids had time to chat it up with their cousins on Skype last week - something we need to get better about doing more often.

And there has been a massive amount of crafting going on, in preparation for Michael's 3rd birthday party this weekend.  Here's a preview of some pirate 'pouts' Ella helped me make.  "Argh!"

Last weekend, the kids and I went to the Decatur Book Festival - where we ran into our little friend William.  He's the cutie in the lower left corner, and I'd say he was pretty darn excited to see us, too.

There was some general goofing off happening around the house.

I think Miss Abby was just shaking her head at the rest of us.

On our rainy Labor Day, we took the kids to the local bowling alley.  From left to right, here is (1) Michael entertaining himself while waiting for his turn, (2) a little possesiveness over the blue bowling ball, and (3) some serious excitement over a strike. 

Can't help but share this next one.  Ella was having fun putting suds on her brother's head - until she got cocky and started spreading it on his next and shoulders and the gig was up.  You could probably hear Michael yelling "Eh-whiz-a-bet! STOP DAT!" clear across the neighborhood.

Jammie time.  All recovered now.

This past weekend, the kids spent the night at Gigi and Poppa's (the land where kids eat better and sleep longer than ever at home...we are always in awe.)  When they got back home, G&P had an early birthday surprise for Michael.  You can see him in the bottom photo checking it over with his pirate hook in-hand.  It's kind of hard to ride with a hook, but he gave it a shot.